Racing Dog Protection Act (RDPA-UK):

An official proposal to outlaw betting on dog racing in the UK.
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Cruelty factors
Abandonment - articles
Greyhound found with ears cut off
BBC News 2009

An RSCPA is investigation is under way after a greyhound was found mutilated in a "sickening act of cruelty".

The animal was found on a grass verge in Bedlington, Northumberland. His ears had been cut off and electrical tape was stuck to his back and legs.

He was taken to a veterinary surgery in Morpeth for treatment and is making a good recovery.

It is thought his ears were deliberately severed to get rid of identification tattoos.

'Unimaginable pain'

The RSPCA is urging anyone who knows who the dog once belonged to, or who may have seen or heard anything suspicious, to get in touch as soon as possible.

Inspector Ian Smith said: "This is a horrific and sickening act of cruelty.

"It is clear this dog's ears have been removed by a sharp implement, which must have caused him unimaginable pain and distress.

"Thankfully he was rescued early and taken to safety, else he easily could have died.

"We just hope someone will now come forward with vital information to help us discover what happened."

Greyhound Grace needs a home 2009

A GREYHOUND found abandoned in Sittingbourne and nursed back to health with help from a Faversham vet is looking for a new home. The young dog, nicknamed Grace, was picked up by Swale Council’s stray dog service, suffering a badly broken leg, and was taken to Borden Lane Veterinary Surgery.

Andrew Wills, a specialist in leg-pinning surgery at Toachim House veterinary surgery in Faversham, saved Grace’s leg from amputation, charging a reduced fee, and she is now being cared for by staff at the Borden Lane Surgery.

Grace is described as having a lovely temperament and needs a loving and caring home with owners who are able to be patient with her while her leg continues to heal.




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